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Reasons to replace your garage door

Replacing your garage door isn’t just a way to refresh the exterior of your home and make it match your style. There are many benefits that a new garage door system brings, such as:

  • Increased security with better safety features to protect what matters most.
  • Smart technology allows you to control your garage door from your phone.
  • Better energy efficiency with higher insulation values and an energy efficient motor.
  • Quieter operation that doesn’t reverberate through the house when you’re coming or going.
Garage Door Installation Edmonton - Asmara Garage Door Repair

Choosing a garage door replacement

There are many things to consider when replacing your garage door, including:

  • Style: The options are endless: a traditional symmetrical rectangle design; a more modern, sleek design; old-world carriage style; with or without windows. These are all things to consider based on the look you want.
  • Material: Aluminum, steel, wood and glass are all possible in your garage door, and each offers its own combination of pros and cons, particularly in cost, weight and durability.
  • Brand: We work with Westgate Doors to source our garage doors, which means you are choosing from a top quality supplier who stands by their quality and offers warranty to give you peace of mind with your purchase.
  • Budget: Our garage door installations range from $2500-3500 depending on the size of the door and the brand, style and material you choose. This includes removal of your old door
  • Security: New garage doors offer better security features, with tight seals, strong materials and options for multi-locking.
  • Energy efficiency: Some garage doors offer better insulation values than others, with tight seals around the edges to keep the elements out of your garage.

What to expect with a door replacement

Find the door you want and get rid of the old one. We’ll take care of both with every door replacement.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Book an appointment: Call or send us your information to let us know you’re looking to replace your garage door.
  • Site visit: We’ll call you to arrange a time for a site visit so we can gather information about what you’re looking for and take measurements
  • Choose your new door and opening system: Our garage door technician will share our selection with you. Not sure what you want? No problem! We can give you expert advice based on your needs, style and budget.
  • Quote: Once you choose the door you want, we’ll provide you with a full quote for the purchase of the door and installation.
  • Door order: When you confirm you’d like to proceed, we’ll order the door and schedule your installation.
  • Installation: On your installation day, our garage door installers will arrive with all the materials we need and complete the install, typically within four to six hours.
  • Testing and warranty: We’ll complete all testing to make sure the system is working as it should be and leave you with information about your new garage door system to keep on hand, along with warranty information.

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