We all just expect our garage doors to work at the push of a button. So, when they don’t work, it’s really frustrating. We understand, and that’s why we offer fast, reliable services to get your door unstuck, fixed up and on track.

a close up of a garage spring mechanism

Garage door repair services for common issues

There are many signs that your garage door requires repair, such as:

  • Making excessive noise when in operation
  • Appearing misaligned or off balance when closed
  • Opening or closing part way and then stopping or getting stuck
  • Not responding when the remote is activated

Every one of these issues is cause for concern and needs immediate attention. Luckily, this is what we specialize in!

I hired Asmara Garage Door repair to fix my garage door spring that broke. I could not open my garage door. I found Emmanuel to be very professional and was able to replace my springs in a timely manner. He even said he could be there in 2 hours if I wanted. Now that’s fast service! He was very thorough and inspected my whole garage door, not only the problem spring to ensure there was no other damage. I recommend contacting him and you won’t be disappointed.

Mandy B.

Our repair services

Spring Replacement

A smoothly operating garage door needs springs that are properly balanced with just the right tension. This is a job best left to the pros.

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a close up of a garage spring mechanism

Cable Replacement

The weight of your garage door relies on having strong cables in good condition. Frayed or broken cables just won’t do.

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Motor Replacement

The motor makes sure your garage door goes places. If your motor isn’t responding or operates loudly, it’s time to replace it.

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Man knealing fixing garage door track

Spring System Conversion

Replacing your spring system could extend the life of your garage door, improve its operation and reduce your future costs. We’ll show you how.

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Man knealing fixing garage door track

Weather Stripping

Keep cold Edmonton winters and unwanted pests out of your garage by replacing the weather stripping around your garage door.

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