Sensor Replacement

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What garage door sensors do

A single garage door can weigh around 100 lbs or more. That amount of weight closing on something below it can be a serious safety risk, which is why your garage opening system includes sensors. 

This important safety feature includes two sensors placed on either side of your garage door frame, approximately six inches from the ground. These sensors each have a photo eye that are connected to each other with an infra-red beam. If this infra-red beam is interrupted while the garage door is closing, it communicates with the motor, telling it to stop the door from closing or reverse back to an open position.

The sensor system is why we all feel so safe around our garage doors, knowing they’ll detect something underneath the door, such as a child, a pet, a piece of sporting equipment or a vehicle, and prevent a serious incident or damage.

Signs that your garage door sensors aren’t working properly

When your sensors are malfunctioning, you’ll notice the following:

  • The garage door isn’t closing fully when activated.
  • Warning lights are flashing on the sensor.

Sensor Replacement Flat Rate


What it includes:

New door sensor installation and testing

Man kneeling repairing garage door

What to do if your garage door sensors aren’t working

If your garage door sensors aren’t working, there are a few things you can try on your own before calling a professional:

  1. Wiring can be inadvertently disconnected, cutting off the power supply to the sensors. Double check both sensors to make sure they are connected to the power supply.
  2. Sometimes sensors just get knocked out of place or something near the sensor falls into the path. Make sure the eyes of the sensors are facing each other and that the area around both sensors is clear.
  3.  Garages are often dusty spaces so the eyes of the sensors can get dirty. Carefully wipe both lenses with a clean, dry cloth.

If these things don’t fix the problem, give us a call.

When we arrive, our garage technician will:

  • Visually inspect the sensors, as well as complete a complimentary inspection on your entire garage door system to make sure everything else is in good working order.
  • Provide you with advice on the best options for repair or replacement.   
  • Uninstall the broken sensors if necessary and install the new ones.  
  • Complete testing to ensure the sensors are working properly.

Complimentary Performance Inspection

A no-charge performance inspection with every service

We want to make sure your garage is in top working order to avoid any unexpected issues. When we complete any service or maintenance call, we’ll do a full inspection of your garage door system, including: Rollers, Springs, Brackets, Cables, Hinges, Motor / Opening System, Sensors, Weather Stripping & Bottom Seal Rubber