Garage Door Spring Replacement Edmonton

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What the garage door spring does

A garage door spring uses tension to help to balance and support the weight of the door as it opens or closes. It also prevents the door from closing unexpectedly, making it an important safety feature.

There are two types of garage door springs:

  1. Extension springs: extend and contract during the movement of the door. These types of springs tend to be less expensive and have a shorter lifespan.
  2. Torsion springs: a more advanced type of spring that turns, which creates smoother door motion. They may cost more initially, but have a long lifespan and are typically easier to maintain.

The spring in your garage door can only lift so much for so long before it’ll start to wear and need replacement.

Signs that your garage door spring needs replacing

When a garage door spring isn’t working properly, you might notice:

  • The spring itself looks broken or stretched out
  • Your garage door appears unbalanced or uneven as it opens or closes
  • You notice loud squeaking when the door is in motion

Spring Replacement Flat Rate

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What it includes:

Includes 2 Oil Tempered Springs. If you have two springs and only one is broken we will replace both, this ensures both springs will wear evenly and last a full cycle.

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What to do if your garage door spring is broken

Replacing the spring on your garage door takes specialized skill and tools, so this is best left to the pros. Contact us to book a service call and don’t attempt to operate your door until it’s been repaired.

When we arrive, our garage technician will:

  • Visually inspect the spring to confirm it’s the issue.
  • Remove the old spring.
  • Confirm with you which spring option is best for your garage door and budget.
  • Install the new spring with the proper tension and balance needed for optimal performance.
  • Complete your complimentary inspection to make sure everything else with your garage door is working well.

Complimentary Performance Inspection

A no-charge performance inspection with every service

We want to make sure your garage is in top working order to avoid any unexpected issues. When we complete any service or maintenance call, we’ll do a full inspection of your garage door system, including: Rollers, Springs, Brackets, Cables, Hinges, Motor / Opening System, Sensors, Weather Stripping & Bottom Seal Rubber