Spring System Conversion

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Converting your garage door spring system

Improving the function of your garage door could be as simple as converting one part: the spring system.

Many garage doors use extension springs, which extend and contract during the movement of the door. These types of springs tend to be less expensive and have a shorter lifespan. Replacing your garage door’s extension springs with higher quality torsion springs offers many benefits.

Advantages of replacing your spring system

Converting to a torsion spring system has many benefits, including:

  • Smoother door motion, which keeps the door in better balance.
  • Longer lifespan, typically lasting 1.5 to 2 times longer.
  • Easier to maintain with fewer parts.
  •  Less wear on the motor.
  • Less dangerous if a spring breaks.

Spring System Conversion Flat Rate


What it includes:

Convert your extension spring system to a more durable and longer lasting torsion spring system. Includes installation of full torsion spring assembly with new springs

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What to expect with a spring system conversion

When we arrive, our garage technician will:

  • Visually inspect your current garage door and spring system.
  • Make recommendations on the best option for your system and budget.
  • Order the parts and book your service call.
  • Remove and dispose of the old spring system.
  • Install the new spring system and complete testing to ensure it’s working as it should.
  • Complete a complimentary inspection on your entire garage door system to make sure everything else is in good working order.

Complimentary Performance Inspection

A no-charge performance inspection with every service

We want to make sure your garage is in top working order to avoid any unexpected issues. When we complete any service or maintenance call, we’ll do a full inspection of your garage door system, including: Rollers, Springs, Brackets, Cables, Hinges, Motor / Opening System, Sensors, Weather Stripping & Bottom Seal Rubber